My hope is that this site will offer information, advice, anecdotes and support for those who suffer from Tourettes, those who know people who siffer and for those just interested in finding out what Tourettes REALLY is.

I welcome, always, comment from anyone on how I might improve this site.
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You have probably come to this site in search of information about Tourette's Syndrome (possibly spelled Tourettes Syndrome in search engines). I hope it is of help to you. If you have anything to add, be it corrections, anecdotes or other useful information, please do let me know.

Let me be clear from the outset that this is not a site run by people with any medical expertise. In 2004, my seven year old son was diagnosed with Tourettes and this site is an effort to bring together what little I have found out and hopefully allow others, probably more expert than me, to add their thoughts and ideas helping me and, with any luck, other people.

I am in debt to the many people who have provided me with information, from family doctors to the various experts (and non-expert but very knowledgable) who publish, in books or on the net, what they have learned and advice on how to deal with the wide variety of issues that regularly present themselves. Some of those are mentioned in "Useful Links". If you feel in any way I have trodden rough-shod over you or your work and that you deserve a mention, please get in contact and I will be happy to do so. The more people know, the better it will be.

Tourettes Syndrome, named for it's discoverer Georges Gilles de la Tourette, is known as a "constellation" or "spectrum" disorder which simply means there are degrees of behaviour associated with it from a few minor tics all the way up to major physical and verbal tics plus a combination of obsessive behaviour, compulsive behaviour, attention deficit disorders, impulsivity and mood variability. It also, in my opinion, covers that fact that there are no definitive symptoms that identify an individual as suffering from the disorder which makes life for the "diagnoser" much more difficult.

Throughout this site, where I use material from other people, I hope I have attached an appropriate "credit". If you feel in any way slighted by anything I write (or do not write), please let me know and I will correct the situation. It is my intention to inform, not to offend.
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